Courses Bachelor Display 2017-2018

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Course title Bachelor Thesis Major SCM
Course code EBT0010
ECTS credits 8,0
Assessment None
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
S1 4-9-2017 2-2-2018 C
S2 5-2-2018 31-8-2018 C
Level Intermediate/Advanced
Coordinator Lieven Quintens
For more information:
Language of instruction English
The BSc thesis is an individual assignment and serves as a concluding assignment of your Bachelor study. The aim of the BSc Thesis is to demonstrate your mastery of domain of study in an assignment that integrates your acquired knowledge and skills.
The BSc thesis is an essay of 4500-5000 words (excl. appendices) based on scientific articles.
The BSc thesis will start with an opening lecture in the first week of the semester. This opening lecture provides general guidelines for the thesis and will introduce the different topics among which students can choose.

The students work on their BSc thesis simultaneously with their courses as a floating skill in so-called BSc thesis circles. The BSc thesis circles will take place during period 1 and 2 (or 4 and 5 respectively). Period 3 (period 6 respectively) will be used to write up the final report.

Students choose one of the themes and link this with their major/specialisation.

For Semester 1 (September 2016 till January 2017), the following themes are selected:
- Sustainability
- Humanitarian Crisis
For Semester 2 (February 2017 till June 2017), the following themes are selected:
- Ethics
- Financial Crisis
The literature for the BSc thesis is determined jointly by student and supervisor
The courses related to the topic of your bachelor thesis
Teaching methods PBL / Presentation / Lecture / Assignment
Assessment methods Final Paper
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This course belongs to the following programmes / specialisations
Bachelor International Business Bachelor Thesis
Bachelor Economics and Business Economics Specialisation International Business Economics Bachelor Thesis