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Course title Advanced Macroeconomics
Course code EBC4186
ECTS credits 6,5
Assessment None
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 4-9-2017 27-10-2017 X X
4 5-2-2018 6-4-2018 X X
Level Advanced
Coordinator Lenard Lieb
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Language of instruction English
A good knowledge of the major macroeconomic theories
A better understanding of macroeconomic policy issues
Ability to apply macroeconomic theories to deal with policy issues.
This is a macroeconomics course at an advanced level and presents the major theories concerning central questions of macroeconomics, related to policy discussions. Its goal is to provide a starting point for students who will follow the Master in Economic Studies. The course takes a broad view of the subject matter of macroeconomics; it views it as the study of not only the aggregate economy but also of separate features of the economy as a whole. A substantial portion of the course is devoted to theories on aggregate fluctuations of the economy, including the havoc created by the financial crisis. Separate parts are devoted to unemployment, inflation, and government debt. Within each part, the major issues and competing theories are presented and discussed. Throughout, the presentation is motivated by substantive questions about the world. Models and techniques are treated as tools for gaining insight into important issues, not as ends in themselves.
To be announced.
Intermediate macroeconomics (Burda & Wyplosz or Gärtner) and microeconomics (Varian or Werstein))
Exchange students need to have obtained a Bachelor degree with a major in Economics (not in Business).
Teaching methods PBL / Lecture / Groupwork
Assessment methods Participation / Written Exam
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