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Course title Cases in Management Information Systems
Course code EBC4038
ECTS credits 6,5
Assessment None
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 3-9-2018 26-10-2018 X/E X/E
Level Intermediate
Coordinator Mark Vluggen
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Language of instruction English
Students that have followed this course will:
• Have a good overview of IT applications and how they are used in organisations;
• Be able to identify causal links between certain IT project/system features and the outcome (success/failure) of these projects/systems.
• Have developed their skills in analysing cases.
This course is entirely based on company cases and focuses on how organisations can use information systems to improve their performance. The chosen cases - all from real life - reflect the breadth of the information systems field. The cases deal with issues such as:

- Customer relationship management (CRM)
- Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
- IT-investment prioritisation
- Healthcare IT
- Resistance to change
- Enterprise 2.0 tools (blogs, wikis, prediction markets)
- RFID technology
- The business-IT gap
- The strategic use of information systems
- Information systems failure
- The role of IT in mergers
- Online reputation systems
- Online marketing
- IT start-ups and entrepreneurship
- The internet of things
- Technology acceptance
no textbook
reader available via ELEUM
No prerequisites
Teaching methods Presentation / Lecture / Groupwork
Assessment methods Final Paper / Participation
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