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Course title Education and Labour Economics
Course code EBC4236
ECTS credits 5,0
Assessment None
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
2 29-10-2018 21-12-2018 X X
Level Advanced
Coordinator Lex Borghans
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Language of instruction English
Participants will acquire knowledge of the economics of education, and economic theories of labour and skill formation how skills are acquired. Students will acquire knowledge about the measurement of skills, how such measures can be used for educational policy and their limitations.
In education and at work people acquire the skills that they need to proceed at school and are valuable for them throughout their career. In this course we discuss, based on economics of education and economic theories of labour and skill formation how these decisions affect skill formation and how they provide the flexibility that is needed to cope with the ongoing changes in the labour market. Such theories include human capital theory, school choice, the impact of education and training on individuals’ earnings or firms’ productivity, implications of changes in technology for the demand of workers’ skills. We also discuss how the relevant skills can be measured, and what the advantages and disadvantages are of different ways of measurement. For example, we discuss whether the established measures of skills are complete and how to account for non-cognitive skills or competencies. In addition, the role and limitations of using test scores in assessing educational outcomes is addressed.
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