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Course title MARBLE research course
Course code EBC2152
ECTS credits 6,5
Assessment None
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
2 29-10-2019 21-12-2019 X X
5 15-4-2020 7-6-2020 X X
Level no level
Coordinator Frank Moers
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Language of instruction English
This course supports the students in writing their marble research paper. Therefore it will focus on 1) writing the research proposal, conceptual framework, methodology, reporting result and discussion, 2) general research skills, 3) critical thinking. After the course students are able to perform their own research and critically analyse argumentations.
It focuses on the following competences: research skills, communications skills, learning skills. and professional attitude.
This course is the 2nd part of the Marble triptych.
In the first marble part, which is part of the regular curriculum, students will be made familiar with theories and research in the field resulting in a research question.

In this course (second part), students will continue to work on the research paper. In order to do so the following topics will be discussed: 1) research proposal, 2) theoretical framework, 3) methodology, 4) reporting the results, and 5) reflection on the research To train the competences and achieve the outcomes, there will be three kinds of sessions. First, there will be sessions in which students will deal with general research skills, writing a research proposal, theoretical framework, research methodologies, reporting and discussion. This is common knowledge that every Marble student should know. Second, there will be group sessions where students discuss their own work in progress and will receive feedback from peers; This relates to: the research proposal, the theoretical framework, and the discussion of the research. Furthermore, there are some sessions about critical thinking.
This course is obligatory for all Marble students. It will have a multi-disciplinary character. In this way students will get acquainted with a variety of research methodologies.

In the third part (the capstone) of the triptych students will finalize their paper.

Students in participating in the first semester, can hand in the marble research paper (capstone) in period 6.
Relevant articles
Students have to be selected for the Marble project.
Teaching methods PBL / Presentation / Lecture
Assessment methods Final Paper / Participation / Presentation
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This course belongs to the following programmes / specialisations
Bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research MARBLE
Bachelor Fiscale Economie MARBLE
Bachelor International Business MARBLE
Bachelor International Business - Emerging Markets MARBLE