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Course title eLab Business Case I
Course code EBC1049
ECTS credits 6,5
Assessment Whole/Half Grades
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
5 12-4-2021 28-5-2021 X X
Level no level
Coordinator Peter Schotman, Niels Holtrop
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Language of instruction English
* Students can extract information from third-party databases containing secondary firm data.
* Students can perform basic descriptive and visual analysis on extracted data.
* Students can perform cross-sectional and dynamic analyses regarding firms' marketing and financial performance.
The business case in hand addresses typical data sets for ranking e.g. ranking of products, services, universities, journals, etc. Students will receive access to the contemporary data environments provided and maintained by IDS. The data sets are massive and reach. The students are asked to rank a set of items by arranging the items according to the customer preferences and/or sentiment.
Based on courses earlier in year 1.
Teaching methods PBL / Lecture / Assignment / Skills
Assessment methods Final Paper / Assignment / Presentation
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Bachelor Business Analytics Year 1 Compulsory Course(s)