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Course title Alliances and M&As
Course code EBC4043
ECTS credits 6,5
Assessment Whole/Half Grades
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
4 1-2-2021 26-3-2021 X X
Level Advanced
Coordinator Paul Hünermund
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Language of instruction English
We study state-of-the-art knowledge on alliances and M&As in terms of both academic contributions and more practitioner's oriented knowledge. M&As and alliances are discussed from various theoretical perspectives. Students learn to combine these concepts and confront them with empirical findings.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT METHOD(S) USED IN THIS COURSE IS WITH RESERVATION. THE INFORMATION PROVIDED HERE IS BASED ON THE COURSE SETUP PRIOR TO THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS. AS A CONSEQUENCE OF THE CRISIS, COURSE COORDINATORS MAY BE FORCED TO CHANGE THE TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT METHODS USED. THE MOST UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION ABOUT THE TEACHING/ASSESSMENT METHOD(S) WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE COURSE SYLLABUS. This course discusses firm alliances and mergers and acquisitions (M&As) from a strategy and innovation perspective. It aims at providing a better understanding of the purpose of alliances and M&As and the process of setting up these specific forms of organization. In what way can alliances and M&As help to source new knowledge and create competitive advantage? What are the advantages but also challenges that come with this type of organizational structure? A special focus is put on how to form, manage, and reap benefits of broader alliance networks. The course aims in particular at studying M&As and alliances from various theoretical perspectives but also from a more practitioners-oriented lens. Students learn to combine these different approaches and confront them with empirical findings.
Academic material
Only for students who started one of the following programmes/specialisations prior to academic year 2020/21:
* Master Business Research - No specialisation (Note: only if you are taking Strategy and Innovation disciplinary courses!)
* Master International Business - Strategy and Innovation
Education (last opportunity in 2020/21) + Exam/Resit (last opportunity in 2021/22)
NOTE: You may replace this course with EBC4269
Teaching methods PBL / Lecture
Assessment methods Final Paper / Participation / Written Exam
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