Frame Schedule Master 2020-2021

Please note: Days of education are provisional and can be changed
Per Code Title Coordinator Dep Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Note
1 EBC4004 Stochastic Processes Eichler KE X L
1 EBC4013 Strategic Sourcing Rozemeijer MSCM X X
1 EBC4018 Strategies and Technologies in the Supply Chain Pinto Pereira Rebelo Cotta MSCM X X X
1 EBC4023 ECB and Monetary Policy Kool MILE (AE2) X X
1 EBC4037 Assurance Services and Audit Analytics Vanstraelen AIM X X evening education possible
1 EBC4040 Taxation, Financial Decision-making & Accounting. Kaenen AIM X X
1 EBC4041 Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation Bammens OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBC4047 Organisational Change and Consultancy Günter OSE (O&S) X X evening education possible
1 EBC4052 Corporate Governance and Financial Stakeholders Kleimeier FIN X X evening education possible
1 EBC4069 Risk, Control and Compliance Schelleman AIM X X X X
1 EBC4073 International Business Research Pfann OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBC4076 Service Management Steins, Odekerken-Schröder MSCM X X
1 EBC4078 Marketing Strategy and Innovation Mahr MSCM X X
1 EBC4080 Marketing Research Methods Wetzels MSCM X X X
1 EBC4091 Data Management Walczuch AIM X X
1 EBC4092 Economics of Labour Markets and Human Capital Fouarge ROA X X
1 EBC4095 Financial Research Methods Pownall FIN X X X X
1 EBC4097 Quantitative Techniques for Financial Economics Eichler, Bastürk KE X X L X X
1 EBC4099 Competence-based Coaching Gast ERD C
1 EBC4104 Business Analysis Grigoriev, Staudigl KE X X
1 EBC4122 Methods and Methodology* Vredeveld KE X X
1 EBC4126 Shareholder Value & Market Based Assets Jiao FIN X X
1 EBC4127 Supply Chain Operations* Peeters KE X
1 EBC4131 Forecasting and Business Analysis Bruggen AIM X X
1 EBC4132 Advanced Course in Accounting Moers AIM C
1 EBC4136 Workshops in Finance Rodrigues FIN X X
1 EBC4138 Research Methods in Services Marketing Brüggen MSCM X X
1 EBC4139 Advanced Research in organisations Jong OSE (O&S) C
1 EBC4143 Technology and Productivity Growth Sanders MILE (AE2) C
1 EBC4149 Planning and Scheduling Vredeveld KE C
1 EBC4182 Mathematical Research Tools Perea y Monsuwé KE X X
1 EBC4183 Empirical Analysis I Hecq, Foubert KE X X
1 EBC4184 Empirical Econometrics 1 Mohnen KE X X
1 EBC4188 Game Theory and Optimisation Vermeulen KE X X
1 EBC4190 Capita Selecta Economic and Financial Research Bos FIN C
1 EBC4197 Theory of Individual and Strategic Decisions Tsakas MPE (AE1) X X
1 EBC4198 Cognitive Psychology of Decision Making Verduyn MPE (AE1) X X
1 EBC4199 Integration Workshop (HDS) Strobel MPE (AE1) X
1 EBC4200 Behavioural Economics (EFR) Linde MPE (AE1) X X
1 EBC4207 Economics of Education Schils MILE (AE2) X X
1 EBC4211 Sustainable Finance, Management and Strategy Derwall FIN X X
1 EBC4216 Entrepreneurship and Research Methods Huybrechts OSE (O&S) X X X X
1 EBC4217 Family- and Founder-driven Enterprises Bammens OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBC4219 Service Design Steins, Odekerken-Schröder MSCM X X
1 EBC4220 Business Analytics De Almeida e Santos Nogueira KE X X
1 EBC4232 Advanced Microeconomics Rusch MPE (AE1) X X
1 EBC4233 Empirical Methods in Economics Golsteyn, Regt MILE (AE2) X X
1 EBC4244 International Macroeconomics and Finance for Emerging Markets Eichholtz, Treibich MILE (AE2) X X
1 EBC4263 Data Analytics (Accounting/Finance/Strategy) Pfann OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBC4264 Data Analytics (IMBI/SCM) Pfann OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBC4265 Data Analytics (Entrepreneurship/Marketing/Organisation) Pfann OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBP4004 Policy in Emerging Markets Haaland UNU-MERIT C Plus period 2
1 EBS4034 Individual Competence Development Predtetchinski MPE (AE1) X Plus period 2
1 SSP2011 Sustainable Development Huynen MSI X X
1 SSP2031 Sustainability Science Zeijl-Rozema MSI X X
1 SSP4011 Sustainability Assessment Skills Offermans MSI Including P2
1 TAX4001 Fiscaal Concernrecht Arts LAW
1 TAX4010 Fundamentals of International Taxation (FdR) Man LAW