Frame Schedule Master 2016-2017

Please note: Days of education are provisional and can be changed
Per Code Title Coordinator Dep Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Note
2 EBC4005 Social Choice Theory Storcken KE X X
2 EBC4008 Time Series Methods and Dynamic Econometrics Hecq, Smeekes KE X X X
2 EBC4014 Retailing and Distribution Hermans MSCM X X
2 EBC4022 Economic Analysis of Social Behaviour Schils AE2 X X
2 EBC4026 Intellectual Property Rights in a Digital Economy Meijers AE2 X X X
2 EBC4029 Open Macroeconomics in a Global Society Blatt AE2 X X
2 EBC4034 Tax Policy in the International Context Mierlo AE1 X X
2 EBC4036 International trade, technology, and distribution Ziesemer AE2 X X
2 EBC4039 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation Hamers AIM X X
2 EBC4041 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Blumberg O&S X/E X/E evening education possible
2 EBC4048 Organisational Learning and Development Hamstra O&S X/E X/E evening education possible
2 EBC4049 Algorithms and Optimisation Grigoriev KE X X
2 EBC4054 Institutional Investors Broeders FIN X/E X/E evening education possible
2 EBC4057 Corporate Finance Rodrigues FIN X X
2 EBC4060 Global Banking Straetmans FIN X X
2 EBC4061 Microeconomics I Predtetchinski AE1 X X
2 EBC4062 Macroeconomics II Lieb AE2 X X
2 EBC4063 Macroeconomics I Lieb AE2 X X
2 EBC4080 Research for Marketing Decision-Making Wetzels MSCM X X X
2 EBC4081 Return on Marketing Holtrop MSCM X/E X/E evening education possible
2 EBC4088 Supply Chain Research Methods Graaff, Perea y Monsuwé KE X X
2 EBC4091 Data Management Bollen AIM X X
2 EBC4093 Developing Entrepreneurial Skills Bammens O&S X
2 EBC4096 Political Economy Bosmans AE1 X X
2 EBC4099 Study Coaching Trajectory Hommes ERD C X X
2 EBC4102 Theories and models of learning Gijselaers ERD X X X
2 EBC4103 Accounting for Financial Markets Vorst, Hamers AIM X X
2 EBC4107 Business intelligence case studies Peeters KE X X
2 EBC4111 Entrepreneurship and Innovation* Blumberg O&S
2 EBC4119 Life Insurance I Pelsser KE X X
2 EBC4128 Supply Chain Relationships* Kiratli MSCM
2 EBC4131 Strategic Performance Analysis Bruggen AIM X/E X/E evening education possible
2 EBC4133 Advanced Course in Information Management Bollen AIM C
2 EBC4134 Empirical Analysis II Wetzels MSCM X
2 EBC4137 Advanced Consumer Behaviour Goukens MSCM X X
2 EBC4140 Advanced Research in Strategy Letterie O&S C
2 EBC4142 Technology, Networks and the New Economy Cowan AE2 C
2 EBC4147 Equilibrium Theory Terstiege AE1 C
2 EBC4148 Industrial Organisation and Public Economics Seel AE1 X
2 EBC4150 Special Topics in Logistics/Operations Management Vredeveld KE C
2 EBC4151 Empirical Methods in Financial Research Pennings FIN X
2 EBC4152 Economics of Financial Crises Sleijpen AE2 X X
2 EBC4181 Entrepreneurial Finance Theunissen FIN X X
2 EBC4190 Capita Selecta Economic and Financial Research Hecq KE C
2 EBC4191 Macroeconomic Policy in Europe Veen AE2 X X
2 EBC4192 Market Regulation & Information Economics Meissner AE1 X X
2 EBC4193 Negotiation & Allocation Strobel AE1 X X
2 EBC4199 Integration Workshop (HDS) Strobel AE1 C
2 EBC4203 Social Psychology of Decision Making Gils AE1 X X
2 EBC4206 Labour Economics Dohmen AE2 C
2 EBC4218 High-Dimensional Econometric Methods for Big Data Smeekes KE C
2 EBS4010 World of Research Moers AIM -
2 TAX4002 International and European Tax Law Prokisch LAW