Frame Schedule NonDegree 2019-2020

Please note: Days of education are provisional and can be changed
Per Code Title Coordinator Dep Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Note
4 EBC1017 Strategy Ekert, Letterie O&S L X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC1018 Macroeconomics Piccillo AE2 L X/E X/E L evening education possible
4 EBC2003 Management Information Systems Joshi AIM X X
4 EBC2013 Productivity Kerckhoffs AE2 X L X
4 EBC2014 International Economics Mau AE2 X/E L X/E evening education possible
4 EBC2020 Corporate Governance Deumes, Merk AIM X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC2023 Managerial Economics Vostroknutov AE1 L X X
4 EBC2024 Customer-centric Supply Chain Management Kiratli MSCM X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC2031 Cognition, Learning and Human Performance Gijselaers, Smeets ERD X X
4 EBC2041 Consumer Behaviour Geyskens MSCM X X
4 EBC2048 Organisational Behaviour Günter O&S X X
4 EBC2050 Project and Process Management Bollen O&S X X
4 EBC2057 Internal Control and Accounting Information Systems Schelleman AIM X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC2059 Management Accounting Feichter AIM X X
4 EBC2065 Global Transportation Management Bartczek MSCM X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC2070 International Financial Management Vandenboorn FIN X X
4 EBC2072 Systems Analysis and Design Aysolmaz AIM X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC2089 Forecasting for Economics and Business Hecq KE X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC2091 Auctions and Electronic Markets Vermeulen KE X X
4 EBC2093 International Competition Policy Meissner AE1 X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC2106 Operations Research Vredeveld KE X X
4 EBC2107 Mathematical Statistics Smeekes KE L X/E evening education possible
4 EBC2116 Dynamic Modelling and Dynamic Optimisation Storcken, Graaff KE X X
4 EBC2119 Financial Economics Lieb AE2 X X
4 EBC2122 Actuarial Mathematics Graaff KE X X
4 EBC2127 Public Finance Mackenzie AE1 X X
4 EBC2166 Neuroeconomics: Decision Making and the Brain Lois AE1 X X
4 EBC4006 Econometric Methods for Cross-sectional and Panel Data Crombrugghe KE X X X
4 EBC4007 Industrial Economics Perea y Monsuwé, Woolnough KE X X
4 EBC4016 Supply Chain Operations Defryn KE X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC4018 Supply Chain Strategy Pinto Pereira Rebelo Cotta MSCM X X
4 EBC4021 Behavioural Insights Meissner AE1 X X
4 EBC4034 Tax Policy in the International Context Mierlo AE1 X X
4 EBC4042 Leadership de Jong O&S X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC4043 Alliances and M&As Hünermund O&S X X
4 EBC4051 Modelling and Solver Technology Abiad Monge KE X X
4 EBC4053 Behavioural Finance Post FIN X X
4 EBC4058 Fixed Income Management Post FIN X X
4 EBC4069 Internal Control and Data Analytics Schelleman AIM X X X X
4 EBC4073 International Business Research Pfann O&S X X
4 EBC4074 Financial Accounting Van Peteghem AIM X X
4 EBC4077 Financial Markets and Institutions (EFR) Bos FIN X X
4 EBC4080 Marketing Research Methods Graus MSCM X X X
4 EBC4082 Value-Based Marketing Brüggen MSCM X/E X/E evening education possible
4 EBC4095 Financial Research Methods Pownall FIN X X X X
4 EBC4097 Quantitative Techniques for Financial Economics Eichler, Bastürk KE X L X
4 EBC4104 Business Analysis Grigoriev, Staudigl KE X X
4 EBC4118 IT Project Management Harmsen AIM X X
4 EBC4121 Mathematical Finance Pelsser KE X X
4 EBC4212 Sustainable and Responsible Investments Smeets FIN X X
4 EBC4216 Entrepreneurship and Research Methods Huybrechts O&S X X X X
4 EBC4218 High-Dimensional Econometric Methods for Big Data Smeekes KE C