Frame Schedule Master 2019-2020

Please note: Days of education are provisional and can be changed
Per Code Title Coordinator Dep Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Note
5 EBC4009 Equilibrium Theory and Financial Markets Predtetchinski AE1 X X
5 EBC4010 Empirical Analysis of Financial Markets Schotman FIN X X
5 EBC4011 Capita Selecta Quantitative Economics: Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, and Operations Research Vermeulen KE C
5 EBC4045 Managers @ Work Foppen O&S X/E X/E evening education possible
5 EBC4055 Real Estate Finance Kok FIN X X
5 EBC4056 Risk Management Bams FIN X/E X/E evening education possible
5 EBC4057 Corporate Finance Rodrigues FIN X X
5 EBC4059 Business Process Management Aysolmaz AIM X X
5 EBC4070 Business Research Strategy AIM X X
5 EBC4078 Marketing Innovation Management Mahr MSCM X/E X/E evening education possible
5 EBC4079 Consumer Psychology Festjens MSCM X X
5 EBC4087 Supply Chain Metrics Pinto Pereira Rebelo Cotta MSCM X X evening education possible
5 EBC4088 Supply Chain Research Methods Müller KE X X
5 EBC4090 Management Control in small and medium-sized enterprises Deumes AIM X X
5 EBC4093 Developing Entrepreneurial Skills Bammens O&S X
5 EBC4099 Study Coaching Trajectory Gast ERD C
5 EBC4100 Supporting learning at the workplace Segers ERD X X
5 EBC4106 Business Innovation and Sustainable Development Lopes-Bento O&S X/E X/E evening education possible
5 EBC4107 Business intelligence case studies Peeters KE X X
5 EBC4113 Financial Product Development: A Marketing-Finance Approach Pennings, Merk MSCM X/E X/E evening education possible
5 EBC4120 Life Insurance II Beutner KE X X
5 EBC4123 Operational Strategy Bollen O&S X X
5 EBC4125 Research Strategy Borghans, Kuenn AE2 X X
5 EBC4154 Management Control Moers AIM X/E X/E Evening education possible
5 EBC4187 Operations Research Applications Berger KE C
5 EBC4190 Capita Selecta Economic and Financial Research Kool KE C
5 EBC4205 Empirical Econometrics 2 Wilms KE C
5 EBC4223 Smart Decision Support Systems Holtrop MSCM X X
5 EBC4225 Data visualisation Foubert MSCM X X
5 EBC4227 Value Proposition and Pricing of Smart Services Ebrahim MSCM
5 EBC4240 Understanding and Implementing Empirical Methods Dohmen AE1 X X
5 EBC4241 Globalization, Technology and Distribution Ziesemer AE1 X X
5 EBC4242 Market Design Seel AE1 X X
5 EBC4253 Trade, FDI and Global Value Chains Treibich, Foster-McGregor UNU-MERIT X X
5 EBC4257 Machine Learning De Almeida e Santos Nogueira KE X X
5 EBC4259 Understanding and Implementing Empirical Methods (HDS) Dohmen AE1 X X
5 EBC4261 Market Design (HDS) Seel AE1 X X
5 EBP4003 Project: Economics case studies Schils AE2 X
5 EBS4019 Project and Change Management* Bollen O&S C