Frame Schedule NonDegree 2019-2020

Please note: Days of education are provisional and can be changed
Per Code Title Coordinator Dep Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Note
6 EBS1005 Management Game Bollen O&S C
6 EBS1006 Economy Game Werner AE1 C evening education possible
6 EBS2015 Business Plan Broersma O&S C
6 EBS2019 Communication and leadership skills Schumacher O&S C
6 EBS2025 Accounting and Controlling in Practice Feichter AIM C
6 EBS2029 Writing a Review Mierlo AE1 C
6 EBS2030 Presentation Skills Monfrance AE2 C
6 EBS2033 Real Estate Investment and Valuation Langen FIN C
6 EBS2036 Game Theory, Basic Concepts and Applications Tsakas, Peters KE C
6 EBS2037 Sampling Design Brakel KE C
6 EBS2039 Spreadsheets Ekert O&S C
6 EBS2041 International Negotiation Skills Bartczek MSCM C
6 EBS2057 Fraud and Crime in the Firm Kuenn AE2 C
6 EBS2058 Learning by Experimenting Borghans AE2 C
6 EBS2059 Cost-Benefit Analysis Bosmans AE1 C
6 EBS2062 Mobile Innovation and Marketing Lemmink MSCM C
6 EBS4029 Writing a Master's Thesis Proposal: Financial Economics Mertens FIN C