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Course title Innovation in Emerging Economies
Course code EBC2156
ECTS credits 6,5
Assessment Whole/Half Grades
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
4 6-2-2017 7-4-2017 X/E X/E
Level Intermediate
Coordinator Boris Lokshin
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The students in this course will (1) develop an appreciation for the vast heterogeneity among countries in emerging markets, (2) understand the importance of this heterogeneity for business-level innovation, (3) get introduced to a rapidly expanding literature on innovation in emerging market multinationals, and (4) learn to apply theory to real word cases by working in small teams.
This course is about business innovation and business transformation in emerging market countries. It is organized around three forces that are shaping the transition from imitation to innovation: the building of technological capabilities in the firms in emerging economies, the globally distributed networks and value chains in which these firms actively take part, and multinational enterprises. This course will address the question of how these forces interact in shaping innovation landscape in emerging economies. One of the aims of this course is to develop understanding of the vast heterogeneity among the types of firms that are actors in the emerging locations of innovative activity – in what emerging market countries and in what sectors innovating firms of different types have emerged in the past and will in the future. Finally, the latter part of the course is dedicated to the role of multinational companies, long recognized as critical actors of innovation in emerging economies. The students will get introduced to a rapidly expanding literature on innovation in emerging market multinationals, including their forward and backward linkages and their impact on the host and home countries and regions.
textbooks on emerging markets and/or academic articles
Completed all first year courses in either International Business or Economics and Business Economics.
Teaching methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) PBL / Presentation / Lecture / Groupwork
Assessment methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) Final Paper / Participation / Written Exam
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Bachelor Economics and Business Economics Specialisation Emerging Markets Year 2 Compulsory Courses
Bachelor International Business Specialisation Emerging Markets Year 2 Compulsory Courses