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Course title Problem-based Learning and Academic Skills
Course code SSP1022
ECTS credits 1,0
Assessment Pass / Fail
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Year 31-8-2020 25-6-2021 X
Level no level
Coordinator Annemarie van Zeijl-Rozema
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Language of instruction English
* Prepare and deliver a good presentation,
* Give, receive and make use of (peer-to-peer) feedback,
* Run systematic literature searches and reference sources correctly,
* Develop a balanced and critical eye for their own and other’s work,
* Improve writing skills by learning about the pre-writing, writing and editing processes,
* Draw from creativity and design to structure sound logic and reasoning in a clear and impactful manner,
* Understand their own and other’s cultural standpoints, allowing for empathy across them to bolster group dynamics,
* Study in a Problem-Based Learning system, take on different roles in a tutorial group session, and contribute to effective, student-centred, peer-to-peer learning.
This master’s course aims to equip students with the communications competences required of sustainability professionals, whether in the public, private, or social sector. The knowledge and expertise students acquire throughout the master’s programme must be communicated effectively to a wide audience to leverage impact for sustainable development. The course includes two core components addressing writing and presenting, and is complemented by trainings in PBL (Problem-Based-Learning) and Intercultural Communication.

The course component in academic writing is geared towards sharpening the focus of written, research-related texts and at weaving several, critically evaluated arguments skilfully into a coherent storyline. In addition, overcoming common challenges for academic writers are tackled: the effective search for relevant literature and correct referencing using the latest software. Presentation skills are practiced in several settings and sessions to support students in arriving at a higher level of mastery and placidity. The Problem-Based Learning training aims to provide students with an understanding of what the PBL-method entails, how it aids the teaching and learning process, and how it is implemented in tutorial sessions. The Intercultural Communication training focusses on enabling students from so many different countries and cultures to effectively and empathetically manage group dynamics in the exchange of knowledge, thoughts and ideas. In the spirit of live-long learning and personal development, this course also provides students with the tools to continuously reflect and further develop their own as well as the skills of their course-mates in several peer-to-peer feedback sessions.
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Master Sustainability Science, Policy and Society Compulsory Skill(s)