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Course title Problem-based Learning and Academic Skills
Course code SSP1022
ECTS credits 1,0
Assessment Pass / Fail
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Year 30-8-2021 1-7-2022 X
Level Introductory
Coordinator Annemarie van Zeijl-Rozema
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Language of instruction English
* Make effective use of critical thinking questions at the 6 levels of thinking of Bloom's Taxonomy;
* Apply pre-writing, writing and editing strategies to their writing;
* Run systematic literature searches and reference sources correctly;
* Create a text and presentation with a sound logic and reasoning in a clear and impactful manner;
* Give, receive and make use of (peer-to-peer) feedback;
* Prepare and deliver a good presentation;
* Understand their own and other’s cultural standpoints, allowing for empathy across them to bolster group dynamics;
* Study in a Problem-Based Learning system, take on different roles in a tutorial group session, and contribute to effective, student-centred, peer-to-peer learning.
Problem-based Learning and Academic Skills is a skills course that complements a number of other courses offered in the Master Programme on Sustainability Science, Policy and Society.
Although SSPS1022 is a "light" course, it plays a central role in the master's programme. Students of Sustainability Science, Policy and Society are expected to analytically formulate actionable solutions to the sustainability challenges of our time, and communicate these effectively to a wide audience.
The writing skills sessions have been designed to support your critical evaluation of literature on Sustainable Development, and to prepare you for written assignments for instance in the course "Integrated sustainability project". The presentations skills sessions help you with your presentation in the skills course "Multi-criteria Analysis", and "Integrated sustainability project". Last but not least, Academic Skills and Competences is an essential preparation for the modules Thesis Research Proposal Seminar and Thesis Research and Writing and the master's thesis defense.
Teaching methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) PBL / Presentation / Lecture / Assignment / Groupwork / Skills / Coaching
Assessment methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) Attendance / Assignment / Observation / Presentation
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