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Course title Strategic Human Resource Management
Course code EBC4098
ECTS credits 6,5
Assessment Whole/Half Grades
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
4 5-2-2024 28-3-2024 X X
Level Intermediate/Advanced
Coordinator Sonja Zaar
For more information:
Language of instruction English
The main objective of this course is to provide a critical analysis of the relationship between the management of people and the pursuit of organizational goals and objectives. In more details, the learning objectives for this course are as follows:
1. Introduce students to the dynamic role, context-sensitive nature, and complexity of strategic human resource management.
2. Familiarize students with classical and contemporary theories and empirical research on strategic human resource management.
3. Enable students to diagnose and analyse strategic human resource management issues and to use evidence-based understandings and insights for the suggestion, implementation, and evaluation of solutions.
4. Develop students’ discussion competence, reflective practice, and capacity to critically analyse within topics and synthesize across topics.
5. Develop students’ ability to professionally lead discussions and give impactful presentations, and engage in constructive feedback seeking, feedback receiving, and feedback giving approaches.
In this course, we present a thematic overview of the thinking and research evidence in the field of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). We explore how to align human resources management with the strategy of the organization by exploring topics related to job design and high performance work practices, health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, performance appraisal, and sustainable employability. This will enable you as students to develop your own understanding of the field and inform your practice as an organizational member (as employee, employer, HR professional or other stakeholder). We believe that knowing more about the (successful) interaction between strategy and human resource management provides you, as a student of this course and as a future graduate entering the workplace, with a powerful base for making positive contributions to organizations and society as a whole.
Academic articles from top-tier journals and popular press articles from renowned business magazines.
Courses and workload are demanding for all IB master courses. Participants should have a bachelor degree with a major in Business or Economics. This also applies to exchange students
An advanced level of English
Teaching methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) PBL / Presentation / Lecture / Assignment / Papers / Groupwork
Assessment methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) Final Paper / Presentation
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This course belongs to the following programmes / specialisations
Master Human Decision Science Elective Course(s)
Master Learning and Development in Organisations Compulsory Course(s)