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Course title Project: Economics Case Studies
Course code EBP4003
ECTS credits 5,0
Assessment Whole/Half Grades
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
N/A 1-1-1900 1-1-1900
Level Advanced
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Language of instruction English
After successfully finishing the project, students will be able to:
* apply knowledge of economic theory, approaches, perspectives, and methodologies to real-life problems and/or policy issues.
* independently acquire new knowledge and skills which are relevant for tackling an economic problem.
* translate a general problem into a specific (research) question, and make use of a relevant approach to obtain an answer.
* communicate the outcomes of the analysis in general and the proposed solution in particular.
The project aims to give students a challenging opportunity to increase their knowledge of Economics and apply it to solve important economic problems/challenges. After a common introductory part, students will work in teams, tackling a particular case, relevant to a real-life economic decision maker (be it a business, a government, or a non-government organization). In case of a project involving a company for example, the goal is to provide an analysis of and/or a solution to the problem that the organisation in question could further develop and implement. Students are encouraged to use a wide range of methods and techniques including data analysis, theoretical modelling, simulation, experiments, etc.
This course has been cancelled

The following rule applies to master Economics students, who started the programme prior to academic year 2023/24.
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