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Course title Writing a Master's Thesis Proposal: Digital Business and Economics
Course code EBS4014
ECTS credits 4,0
Assessment Pass / Fail
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
S1 4-9-2023 26-1-2024 C
Level Advanced
Coordinator Burak Can
For more information:
Language of instruction English
Finding a thesis topic
Writing a problem statement
Formulating a research design
Writing a research proposal
We prepare students optimally for their thesis by addressing the required steps such that they are able to write their master thesis in the hours scheduled for it.

We use a step-by-step method to select a thesis topic, the problem statement, the literature, the research design, the supervisor and finally construct a thesis outline.
After the skills students have the research proposal for their thesis plus a (possible) supervisor
A course manual and topic dependent key-articles as selected by students.
Teaching methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) PBL / Assignment / Groupwork
Assessment methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) Final Paper / Participation
Evaluation in previous academic year For the complete evaluation of this course please click "here"
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Master Digital Business and Economics Thesis