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Course title Management Game
Course code EBS1005
ECTS credits 4,0
Assessment Whole/Half Grades
Period Start End Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
6 24-6-2024 5-7-2024 C
Level Introductory
Coordinator Peter Bollen
For more information:
Language of instruction English
Apply the knowledge of the courses in the 1st year IB in a simulated real-life business organisation
The Market Place Business (Management) game was designed to let participants experience the specific problems of worldwide business operations. The complexity of the game is such that team collaboration is required for a good result.
The Market Place Business (Management) game requires participants to make a number of interrelated decisions. For example, Market Place (Integrated) Business (Management) game teams have to decide which brands to design, produce and sell, whether to enter a foreign market, whether to invest in Research and Development for increasing value of their brands, which investment and finance policies to follow, and how to advertise their brands.
The Market Place Business (Management) game licence can be bought from the IL-center. Every student has (will) receive(d) an e-mail from IL-center which contains the instructions for obtaining the license and making the payment. Remember every student needs an individual license.
Required knowledge for exchange students: Knowledge on an introductory level on; organisation, strategy, marketing, accounting, finance and supply chain management
An advanced level of English.
Teaching methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) Papers / Groupwork / Skills
Assessment methods (indicative; course manual is definitive) Participation / Assignment
Evaluation in previous academic year For the complete evaluation of this course please click "here"
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