Frame Schedule Bachelor 2022-2023

Please note: Days of education are provisional and can be changed
Per Code Title Coordinator Dep Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Note
1 BENC1001 Introduction to Business Engineering Quintens MSCM X X L
1 BENC1002 Calculus Staudigl FSE [SBE] X X L
1 BENC2001 Multivariable Calculus Boussé FSE [SBE] X X L
1 BENC2005 Biotechnology Bortesi FSE [SBE] X X L
1 BENC2006 Operations and Supply Chain Management Defryn KE X X L
1 BENC2014 Sustainable Development Martens FSE [SBE] X X L
1 BENC2016 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation Kleinert OSE (O&S) X X L
1 BENC2017 B2B Marketing Ritola MSCM X X L
1 BENC2026 Environmental Science and Technology Butterworth FSE [SBE]
1 BENS1001 Academic Skills and Project Management Bollen, Nievelstein OSE (O&S) C P1+P2
1 BENS2001 Computer Science Skills Cámpora Pérez FSE [SBE] C P1+P2
1 BENS2003 Global Leadership Skills Nikolova OSE (O&S) C P1+P2
1 EBC1001 Management of Organisations and Marketing Briker, Dolgopolova OSE (O&S) L X X
1 EBC1002 Management of Organisations and Marketing Briker, Dolgopolova OSE (O&S) L X X
1 EBC1003 Management of Organisations and Marketing Briker, Dolgopolova OSE (O&S) L X X
1 EBC1005 Quantitative Methods I Tempelaar KE L X X L
1 EBC1006 Quantitative Methods I Tempelaar KE L X L X
1 EBC1007 Quantitative Methods I Tempelaar KE L X L X
1 EBC1008 Linear Algebra Kops KE L X P1+P2
1 EBC1016 Analysis I Zseleva KE L X P1+P2
1 EBC1036 Quantitative Introduction to Business Hoesel KE X X L
1 EBC1040 Introduction to Fiscal Economics Bosmans, Kaenen MPE (AE1) L X X
1 EBC1042 Introduction to Business Analytics Carree OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBC1043 Mathematical Analysis Tempelaar KE X X
1 EBC1051 Mathematics and Statistics 1 Tempelaar KE X X
1 EBC2001 Macroeconomics and Finance Straetmans, Sampaio Lima FIN X X X
1 EBC2008 Management of Organisations Schumacher, Jong OSE (O&S) L X X
1 EBC2010 Microeconomics: Choices, Markets and Welfare Seel MPE (AE1) X L X evening education possible
1 EBC2011 Quantitative Methods III (IES) Dietzenbacher KE L X X
1 EBC2018 Introduction into the Information Society Terstiege MPE (AE1) X X
1 EBC2019 Banking Straetmans, Lieb MILE (AE2) X L X evening education possible
1 EBC2051 Business and Politics in Europe Bos OSE (O&S) X X evening education possible
1 EBC2054 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Schotman FIN X X
1 EBC2059 Management Accounting Moers AIM X X
1 EBC2060 Digitalisation and Organisations Gerken AIM X X
1 EBC2063 Marketing Strategy and Practice Lobschat MSCM X X
1 EBC2064 Operations Management Defryn KE X X
1 EBC2080 Behavioural Economics (IB/IBE) Meissner MPE (AE1) X X
1 EBC2082 Thinking Strategically Perea y Monsuwé KE X X
1 EBC2086 Time Series Modelling Hecq KE X X
1 EBC2092 Development Economics Verspagen MILE (AE2) X X evening education possible
1 EBC2100 Crisis Management in Organisations Marques dos Santos OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBC2105 Optimisation Hoesel, Flesch KE X X X
1 EBC2128 Privaatrecht I Croes FoL [SBE] X X No education
1 EBC2143 Globalisation Debate Moatsos MILE (AE2) X X
1 EBC2154 Institutions, Politics and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets Thomsson MPE (AE1) X X
1 EBC2164 Accounting for Managerial Decision Making Haesebrouck AIM X X
1 EBC2165 Managerial Finance and Accounting Kleimeier, Haesebrouck FIN X L X
1 EBC2167 Emerging Markets in the Global Economy Treibich MILE (AE2) X X
1 EBC2171 Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice Broersma OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBC2172 Diversity in Entrepreneurship Gils, Paramo Ortiz OSE (O&S) X X
1 EBC2176 Accounting Technology Bree AIM X X
1 EBC2177 Forecasting and Machine Learning Triepels DAD X X
1 EBC2187 Sustainability and Social-Ecological Systems Meer, Oringer MSI [SBE] X X
1 EBC2188 Sustainability and Human Health Huynen MSI [SBE] X X
1 EBC2192 Privaatrecht II Hollemans MPE (AE1) X X
1 EBC2193 Economics of Transition and Resilience Sanders MILE (AE2) X X
1 EBS1008 Orientation Hecq, Berger KE C
1 EBS2067 Creative Problem-Solving and Communication Skills for Emerging Markets Belfi, Montizaan ROA C P1+P2
1 EBS2074 Systems Thinking Competency Pekdemir MSI [SBE] X
1 SCI3003 Optimization Stamoulis FSE [SBE]
1 TAX2001 Hoofdzaken Formeel Belastingrecht Gorissen FoL [SBE]
1 TAX3011 Belastingrecht voor Particulieren FoL [SBE] P1+P2
1 TAX3012 Algemeen en Formeel Belastingrecht FoL [SBE] P1+P2