Frame Schedule Bachelor 2024-2025

Please note: Days of education are provisional and can be changed
Per Code Title Coordinator Dep Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Note
1 (BENG) BENC1001 Introduction to Business Engineering Saraceni MSCM X X L
1 (BENG) BENC1002 Calculus Franci FSE [SBE] X X L
1 (BENG) BENC2001 Multivariable Calculus Maubach FSE [SBE] X X L
1 (BENG) BENC2005 Biotechnology Bortesi FSE [SBE] X X L
1 (BENG) BENC2006 Operations and Supply Chain Management Timmermans, Melis KE X X L
1 (BENG) BENC2013 Ethical and Philosophical Reflections Tsarouchas MSCM X X
1 (BENG) BENC2014 Sustainable Development Treibich FSE [SBE] X X L
1 (BENG) BENC2016 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation Kleinert OSE (O&S) X X L
1 (BENG) BENC2017 B2B Marketing Bartczek MSCM X X L
1 (BENG) BENC2018 Optimization Salvioli FSE [SBE] X X L
1 (BENG) BENC2028 Organic Chemistry Diliën FSE [SBE] X X
1 (BENG) BENP2004 Thesis Research Project Bernaerts FSE [SBE] C In case of study delay
1 (BENG) BENS1001 Academic Skills and Project Management Bollen, Nievelstein OSE (O&S) C P1+P2
1 (BENG) BENS2001 Computer Science Skills Schneider FSE [SBE] C P1+P2
1 (BENG) BENS2003 Organisational Leadership and People Skills Briker OSE (O&S) C P1+P2