Frame Schedule Bachelor 2022-2023

Please note: Days of education are provisional and can be changed
Per Code Title Coordinator Dep Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Note
S1 EBS1001 Philosophy of Science Rusch, Lovering MPE (AE1)
S1 EBS2076 Global Citizenship Vluggen AIM C P1
S1 EBT0001 Bachelor Thesis Economics Bosmans, Wibral, Kool MPE (AE1) C P1
S1 EBT0002 Bachelor Thesis Fiscale Economie Bosmans, Wibral MPE (AE1) C P1
S1 EBT0003 Bachelor Thesis Econometrics and Operations Research Berger KE C P1
S1 EBT0004 Bachelor Thesis Economics and Management of Information Wibral, Joshi AIM C P1
S1 EBT0005 Bachelor Thesis Major Accounting Schelleman, Wibral AIM C P1
S1 EBT0006 Bachelor Thesis Major Finance Kleimeier, Wibral FIN C P1
S1 EBT0007 Bachelor Thesis Major Information Management Vluggen, Wibral AIM C P1
S1 EBT0008 Bachelor Thesis Major Marketing Nievelstein, Wibral MSCM C P1
S1 EBT0009 Bachelor Thesis Major Organisation Schumacher, Wibral OSE (O&S) C P1
S1 EBT0010 Bachelor Thesis Major SCM Wibral, Pakhomova MSCM C P1
S1 EBT0011 Bachelor Thesis Major Strategy Schumacher, Wibral OSE (O&S) C P1
S1 EBT0012 Bachelor Thesis Major MicroEconomics Bosmans, Wibral MPE (AE1) C P1
S1 EBT0013 Bachelor Thesis Major MacroEconomics Wibral MILE (AE2) C P1
S1 EBT0014 Bachelor Thesis Emerging Markets Mau MILE (AE2) C P1
S1 EBT0015 Bachelor Thesis Marble Seel MPE (AE1) C P1
S1 EBT0016 Bachelor Thesis Major Entrepreneurship Schumacher, Wibral OSE (O&S) C P1