Frame Schedule Bachelor 2024-2025

Please note: Days of education are provisional and can be changed
Per Code Title Coordinator Dep Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Note
S1 EBS1001 Philosophy of Science Lovering, Linde MPE (AE1) C
S1 EBS2068 Academic Writing for Pre-master Lovering, Menzies MULC [SBE] C P1+P2
S1 EBS2076 Global Citizenship Vluggen AIM In transition (Exam); P1
S1 EBS2077 Global Citizenship for Emerging Markets Mau MILE (AE2) C
S1 EBT0001 Bachelor Thesis Economics Bosmans, Wibral, Kool MPE (AE1) C P1
S1 EBT0002 Bachelor Thesis Fiscale Economie Bosmans, Wibral MPE (AE1) C P1
S1 EBT0003 Bachelor Thesis Econometrics and Operations Research Schröder KE C P1
S1 EBT0004 Bachelor Thesis Economics and Management of Information Wibral, Joshi AIM C P1
S1 EBT0005 Bachelor Thesis Major Accounting Schelleman, Wibral AIM C P1
S1 EBT0006 Bachelor Thesis Major Finance Kleimeier, Wibral FIN C P1
S1 EBT0007 Bachelor Thesis Major Information Management Vluggen, Wibral AIM C P1
S1 EBT0008 Bachelor Thesis Major Marketing Nievelstein, Wibral MSCM C P1
S1 EBT0009 Bachelor Thesis Major Organisation Wibral, Moradi OSE (O&S) C P1
S1 EBT0010 Bachelor Thesis Major SCM Wibral, Badie MSCM C P1
S1 EBT0011 Bachelor Thesis Major Strategy Wibral, Moradi OSE (O&S) C P1
S1 EBT0012 Bachelor Thesis Major MicroEconomics Bosmans, Wibral MPE (AE1) C P1
S1 EBT0013 Bachelor Thesis Major MacroEconomics Wibral MILE (AE2) C P1
S1 EBT0014 Bachelor Thesis Emerging Markets Mau MILE (AE2) C P1
S1 EBT0015 Bachelor Thesis Marble Seel MPE (AE1) C P1
S1 EBT0016 Bachelor Thesis Major Entrepreneurship Wibral, Moradi OSE (O&S) C P1